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Last week, I researched and compared fabric colors and prints for napkins.  Yesterday I cut fabric, sewed napkins, shot and edited pictures, then described and published the listing.  Then I went to the store to pick up some hot pink thread.

Scissors and Things is both a vertically integrated manufacturer and a direct to consumer business.  This sounds like a fancy way to describe a shop where one person makes and sells a few things on an online store.   However, by being both of those things, Scissors and Things accomplishes what most brands don’t - full ownership of the process from creation to consumer.

I have worked with major apparel and clothing brands during my career in fashion.  And I know how difficult it is to get all of the moving parts to work together, especially for brands that are highly design-driven.  If one thing goes wrong in the process, it creates frustration for the team and delays in the product delivery.

Now, I just make a few things and share them with my customers.  If anything goes wrong it’s my bad.  But it’s also my responsibility to fix it.  A if there’s a decision to be made, like which hot pink thread matches best, I make it.

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