Polyester Facts

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This morning I came across a clothing brand’s website that stated that polyester is breathable, light weight and water repellent.   I couldn’t help but contact that brand with the following message:

On your website, you say that polyester is breathable.  Umm, it actually isn’t.  Polyester is hydrophobic and if it wasn’t for sophisticated yarn companies developing ways for polyester to do what it doesn’t want to do (let your body heat out) through capillary action or even just holes, we would all be nuts to wear polyester in hot weather.
Those sophisticated yarn companies produce yarns for specialized markets like yours.  Give yourself credit for using special polyester.  Dresses, tops, suits and pants that are 100% or blended with regular polyester are  NOT breathable.
Also, not all polyester is light weight and water repellent - it depends on the type of fabric it’s used in.  Polyester is spun or extruded into fibers; fibers are combined and twisted together to make yarns;  size and number of yarns in the fabric determines weight, and chemicals applied to the fabric make it water repellent.  Polyester crepe, for example, is heavyweight and not water repellent. 

It’s great that you educate your viewers about different types of fabric, but please share accurate information!

Well, I don’t know if I’ll get a response but at least I can share this with my readers.  I would imagine lots of people don’t really know what polyester is.  That’s because unlike cotton, wool, linen and other natural fibers, polyester is 100% made in a lab.  

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