Keyhole Pins

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Safety pins have been around for centuries, and they're not going anywhere.  They're just as useful now as they were when they were first invented, and not much has changed in their design.

There is one thing about regular safety pins that bugged me.  The shape of safety pin "heads" are utilitarian and functional, but overall safety pins looks like safety pins, and not like anything particularly aesthetic.  Sure, there are cute diaper pins and decorative pins, but there's no reason why safety pins meant to be used purely for its functional purpose can't look cool.

So one snowy day, while tinkering in our basement, my partner David and I came up with the idea of creating punched pins, safety pins with a cool shape punched into the head.  The first shape we made was a keyhole, which represents an entrance (or exit) to "the other side."    We wanted to make them look vintage, like they've been around forever, but you just happened to discover them now.

I found a manufacturer, and David designed the vintage inspired boxes.  We applied for a design patent, which was granted on January 17. 2017.  A major safety pin manufacturer (possibly the world's oldest and largest) expressed an interest in our design patent, but couldn't move forward with it because each pin needs to be hand punched, making it difficult to mass produce.

We look forward to making other punched pins, in other shapes, sizes and colors.  In the meantime, we hope you find many ways to use these original keyhole pins.

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