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A highly experienced creative executive told me that the type of articles I have been posting in The Journal section of Scissors and Things will actually hurt my brand.

He likes what I have to say in The Journal, but doesn’t think some of the topics discussed belong here.  The Regenerative Cotton Challenge, for example, would be a better post for a fabric sourcing blog, targeted toward apparel industry decision makers.

I understand that customers could be confused by posts that have nothing to do with products on the site.  And industry people who would be interested in my perspective wouldn’t come to Scissors and Things to read about fabric sourcing.

Here’s the thing about Scissors and Things - the brand is not a store, or a blog.  It’s a person: me!

I am an opinionated fabric sourcing professional with years of experience working with influential fashion brands.  I knit, sew and crochet things and sell them online.   I collect and sell novelty embroidery scissors.  About four years ago, I had tiny unicorn scissors forged and electroplated in custom bright colors.  I watched them go viral on Pinterest, and that’s how this store got started.

The content on Scissors and Things has actually been edited down to best reflect who I am.  This site is accessible to shoppers and to anyone interested in reading this blog.  And to the creative executive, my partner in all things, I have one focused message:   I love you.

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